bulk account creator

Add a pile of Bitsbox users all at once.

If you have a bunch of kids you need to create Bitsbox accounts for, this form will let you upload a CSV (Comma Separated Values file) containing a bunch of user names and passwords.

  1. Open Excel or Google Spreadsheets
  2. Type in your account data, one row per child. First column is the user name. Second column is a password. Your sheet should look like this:

    Here are some rules the names and passwords:

    • Please do not use kids' full names.
    • The username must be unique across the entire Bitsbox system. So you may want to append the name of your school or the class, as shown above, to help guarantee it's unique. If you attempt to create a name that's already taken, the form will let you know.
    • Usernames and passwords can't have spaces in them.
    • Passwords are case-sensitive. For smaller kids, we recommend passwords that are all lower case.
  3. Once your sheet is complete, save the file out as a .csv. (Look for Save As > Other Formats or File > Download As in your spreadsheet program.)
  4. Upload the CSV via the form below. (Don't worry... you will be shown a preview of the import before you start it, so you can make sure everything looks good.)

Ready? Upload your CSV now.