The Grownup Guide to Bitsbox

First Things First Info for Educators

Bitsbox for younger kids: Grades K & 1

The vast majority of K-1s aren't typing yet, and most aren't proficient readers, but that doesn't mean they can't learn something about coding from Bitsbox.

Our recommendation for groups of students this young is for you (the grownup) to lead a coding session on a projector or screen that everyone can see.

  1. Go to and ask the kids which button you should press to get started building apps.
  2. Go through the online tutorial, reading the prompts out loud and asking the group for input on what you should do next. Solicit suggestions for changes you can make to the code that will make it do slightly different things. This can be hilarious.
  3. Click the New App icon on your online tablet's Home screen to make a new app, and choose the "I have printed materials" option.
  4. Pass out the Bitsbox Let's App! booklets and collaboratively decide on an app to build together.
  5. Type in your chosen app's four-digit App Number and click Go.
  6. Type the code as it appears in the booklet, asking your students to help by reading what you should type out loud.
  7. Spend time modifying the code to change the app. Let your students decide what to do.
  8. If you have time, build another app from the booklet.