The Grownup Guide to Bitsbox

First Things First Info for Educators

What's next after Hour of Code?

If you've worked your way through our Let's App! booklet and want to do some more Bitsbox with your class, there are a few different things you can do.

Create free Coding Accounts for your students to save their work.

Bitsbox Coding Accounts are always free, but you need an email address to create one. This is problematic for many K-12 teachers whose students don't have their own email addresses, so we created a Bulk Account Creator tool to help. You can use the tool to create logins and passwords for all of your students.

Download and print more apps for free.

Visit to download and print four more apps that you can give to your students. These are selections from previous months' editions of our Bitsbox Book, and they range from Intermediate to Advanced.

Order a single Bitsbox Classroom Kit.

Bitsbox Classroom Kits contain 30 full-color, 20-page Bitsbox Books (each with 18-22 apps), as well as 30 packs of Bitsbox App Trading Cards (each with 10 random apps). We think each Kit should provide anywhere from two weeks to two months' worth of content, depending on your students' age and how much time you devote to coding. Classroom Kits cost $150, and you can order them on a special page on our website.

Order a Bitsbox Digital Book subscription.

For $20 per month, you can receive a printable PDF of that month's Bitsbox Book. Each book includes 18-22 apps that range from very short to more involved, and each month's theme is different. Best of all, as an educator, you're free to print enough copies for all of the students in your class, every month. This is a month-to-month subscription that renews automatically, but you can cancel anytime. To order a Digital Book subscription, please visit our Online Store.

Order an Original Bitsbox subscription.

Our Original Bitsbox includes a Bitsbox Book, a pack of App Trading Cards, tattoos, stickers, and a theme-appropriate toy. Subscribers receive a new box in the mail every month. They also receive an email with a link to download a PDF digital copy of that month's Bitsbox Book. As an educator, you're allowed to print enough copies for the students in your class. Some teachers use the materials in the box as prizes for their students; others get a subscription for their own kids at home and print the PDF for their students at school. Subscription range from $30 to $40 per month, depending on the term you choose. To order an Original Bitsbox Subscription, please visit our Online Store.