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STEM Homeschool Activities

STEM Homeschool Activities

It's no secret that there's a worldwide initiative to educate kids with a thorough understanding of STEM at a young age.

If you don't already know, the acronym STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. Educators everywhere are prioritizing these subjects, and luckily, some activities make implementing STEM education in homeschools easy.

Enter Bitsbox! Bitsbox is a subscription box that delivers DIY app projects for kids ages 6-12. Kids use the projects to build apps on their computers. The apps can then be played on any mobile device!

Sounds interesting? Try it out yourself today!

Flip or Floaty is a crazyfun app where kids tap the screen to launch divers off of the board. Who will make the biggest splash?!

You can download the free printable STEM project by clicking the image below:

Flip or Floaty app

Fun, huh? Coding with Bitsbox educates kids not only on technology, but science, engineering, and math, too! You can maximize what kids are learning, all while they build awesome apps.

Check out these 3 activities that incorporate all 4 subjects of STEM!

As always, please reach out to with any questions!

Emma Erickson
About the author: Emma is a writer, T-Swift's #1 fan, and spent four years on the Bitsbox team. You can usually find her searching for snacks or riding her bike.
Join thousands of grownups who get articles on teaching kids to love coding.
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