Why do teachers love Bitsbox coding?

Bitsbox teaches kids to use real, typed Javascript code to build their own open-ended apps and share them with anyone on any device!

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With coding recipes like games, drawing tools, stories, and simulations, students learn by building, then extending, then inventing their own apps. Each project is a starting place for a hundred more.


Kids code their apps right here on the Bitsbox website. From there, they can play their creations on any device with a web browser. Computers, phones, tablets—anywhere in the world.


The best way to learn coding is by writing real code. From their first minute, students are working on projects that they can customize to suit their own interests. Students build their apps by typing code, just like the pros.


Teachers don't have to be programmers to help their students learn to code. All it takes is time, attention to detail, practice, and a shared delight in learning.


Students can share their apps with friends and family in a number of different ways, and their apps can be played on any computer or device with a web connection. There's nothing more motivating than showing off your work!

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FAQs About Bitsbox for Educators

Getting started

Hello, dear educator! Thanks so much for your interest in Bitsbox. Educators all around the world have been using Bitsbox in their classrooms, and we couldn't be more thrilled. Bitsbox has been used by hundreds of thousands of students in over 70 countries to build apps and learn about computer science.

What kinds of kids can use Bitsbox?

We are currently making materials to teach elementary and middle school students about computer science and programming. No previous experience is needed. As a CSforALL member, we are committed to providing quality CS education to every child by creating tools and materials that will make educators' jobs—and their lives—better.

Want to use a purchase order?

Please send your PO to help@bitsbox.com including the following information:

School Name
Billing Address
Shipping Address
Email to direct invoices

Not sure what to order?

Let us know some info and we can get back to you with our recommendations! Email this information and anything else you'd like us to know to help@bitsbox.com.

How many students?
What type of setting (classroom, tech class, afterschool club, homeschool)?
What are the ages of your students?
How many hours a week (module, year-long course, etc.)?
Do you have funding limits?
Are you tax-exempt?
Do you have specific curriculum requirements?

I place orders for individual homeschoolers. What do I need to do?

You can submit a PO! We're able to accept POs for orders exceeding $50; just send your purchase order to help@bitsbox.com. Make sure to include your shipping address, billing address, the email where we can send the invoice, and if you are ordering a continuation of a previous subscription please note that as well. Please email us if you require a quote or any other information to prepare your PO.

Want help through the process? Please email us at help@bitsbox.com or call us at (720) 476-4030 and we'd be happy to work together with you to make sure your student(s) get exactly what they need!

What computers do I need to use Bitsbox in my classroom/home?

Bitsbox is an online application that runs entirely in the computer browser. Here's what you need to use Bitsbox in your classroom or home:

  • One computer for every one or two students (younger kids do very well in "pair programming" setups where they can help each other out, while older students should probably have a machine all to themselves.)
  • A modern web browser. (Google Chrome is best, but Firefox, IE11+, Edge, and Safari work okay, too.)
  • A reliable (though not necessarily lightning-fast) internet connection
  • A physical keyboard and mouse for each computer

Make sure the Bitsbox website works on the computers your students will use.

Some school districts block unfamiliar websites for safety reasons. Go to bitsbox.com/code and click Build Apps Now. If you get an error message, ask your school's IT person to allow access to the following websites:

  • *.bitsbox.com
  • *.firebase.com
  • *.firebaseio.com
  • *.googleapis.com
  • *.gstatic.com
  • *.codepops.com
  • bitsbox.firebaseapp.com

How do I get my students started with Bitsbox?

Do our online sample apps! These are completely online and tailor-made for classrooms full of Bitsbox beginners. After that, you can order some Bitsbox printed materials to keep the party going. Have fun!

Can my students do Bitsbox entirely on their iPads or tablet?

Yes! As long as they have a keyboard!

How can my students run their apps on a tablet?

Kids can easily use the apps they build on smartphones and tablets. Bitsbox apps are really just web pages; to run them on a device, you open the webpage in that device's web browser. The easiest way to "send" the web address to the device is by using a QR code reader to scan it right off the student's computer screen. Follow these steps:

  1. Many smartphone Camera apps can read QR codes by default. If yours doesn't, you can install a QR code scanner app on your tablet or phone. These are two good, free options:
    Apple iOS: QR Code Reader and Barcode Scanner
    Android: QR Code Reader
  2. On a computer, open the student's app in Bitsbox. You'll see a small, gray "share" icon in the upper-right corner of the computer screen.
  3. Click the share icon to show the QR code that's unique to their app.
  4. Use the QR code scanner app on your tablet or phone to scan the QR code on the student's computer screen.
  5. Open the web page that wants to open on your tablet or phone. It's the student's app!

What programming language are students learning with Bitsbox?

Bitsbox uses a modified version of JavaScript, one of the most popular programming languages in the world. Bitsbox commands are short, easy to type, and easy to understand for beginners. As students progress, they're introduced to more "vanilla" JavaScript syntax (vocabulary and grammar).

Ready to get printed materials for your classroom?

We offer $149.95 Coding Project Book sets. Each set includes 10 copies of the book and a helpful Educators Guide! We also offer Coding Workbooks that help your students plan their projects and reflect on what they've learned.

Is there a way to "bulk create" accounts for my students?

Yes there is. We have a bulk account creator just for you. All you need is a CSV file with the usernames and passwords you'd like to use.

Do you have an Hour of Code project?

Yes! Check out the Yak Attack lesson plan and project here!

Who created Bitsbox?

Bitsbox was invented in 2014 by a pair of Boulder, Colorado-based ex-Google employees named Scott Lininger and Aidan Chopra. They both have kids who are learning to code. The Bitsbox website is actually only half of the idea; the other half is the physical materials which you can find on our Education Store. Learning from print? What an outrageous idea!

As a teacher, how can I stay in the loop about Bitsbox and education?

Click here to sign up for our educator-specific mailing list. You can also join the Bitsbox Educators Group on Facebook.

How do I contact the Bitsbox team?

If you have any questions or ideas, please email help@bitsbox.com. We love feedback and bug reports. There's also a little feedback widget in the lower-right corner of bitsbox.com; if you prefer, you can use that instead.


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