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Blog contributors

Jeff Bull
Jeff Bull is a lifelong coder, meticulous woodworker, and the Senior Software Craftsman at Bitsbox.
Scott Lininger
Scott Lininger is a dad, coder, and the CEO of Bitsbox. Find his occasional twitter musings at @scottlininger.
Anastasia Miliano
Anastasia Miliano is a proud Maine native, mechanical engineer, and aspiring coder. As the Chief Cat-Herder at Bitsbox, she makes sure new coding fun arrives every month.
Alexandra Ostler
Alexandra Ostler is an artist, data geek, and the Minister of Greenbacks for Bitsbox. Her two young boys treasure their roles as part of Bitsbox's app testing crew.
Aidan Chopra
Aidan Chopra is a dad, the Content Factory and a Cofounder of Bitsbox. He is also inspirational, manly and taller than you think!
Christie Veitch
Christie Veitch is an educator, proud non-coder, good friend of Bitsbox, and occasional contributor to our blog.
Join thousands of grownups who get articles on teaching kids to love coding.