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A Classroom Time Capsule With Bitsbox Apps!

Pinehill students holding up printed apps

Students from the Pinehill School in New Zealand created a unique time capsule this year: they used Bitsbox apps!

In celebration of the school's 25th anniversary, each class contributed something to the capsule, which will be opened in another 25 years. Teacher Lisa Everett's 5th and 6th year students created apps after using Bitsbox in the classroom all year: "The students have been learning to code through Bitsbox since the start of the year and they have created all sorts of apps to represent their learning across the curriculum. It has helped with spelling, punctuation, creativity and many more things. Room 4 loves using Bitsbox!"

Kids coding in the classroom

Everett loaded all the apps onto a USB drive, to be dug up again after the 25 years have passed. The students also printed out versions of their apps with the code to be buried, since, as Everett said, "who knows if computers will be able to read this in another 25 years!?" Even if we do finally have flying cars and live in the metaverse in 25 years, looking back on the student's Bitsbox apps may be filled with as much nostalgia as we now have for Walkmans, floppy discs, and Atari.

Want to make your own Bitsbox time capsule? Any occasion can be made into a Bitsbox app for posterity. Check out this one honoring the Maori New Year, Matariki, that student Zoe Qiu made.

Printing out your code like Everett did will ensure that your time capsule can withstand the test of technological time. With our custom stamp tool, students could use the same image across all of their apps, or you could have them draw their own stamps and include the original drawings as part of the capsule!

Collage of kids coding in the classroom

And even if your coder's school can't make a time capsule, or you're homeschooling, why not make one just for them? Create a time capsule of your coder's current work, to be opened up when they graduate high school or college, and let them remember how far they've come!

Have you or your kids done an awesome project like this with Bitsbox? We'd love to feature you! Send along your creations to and let us help you share your amazing creativity with the Bitsbox community.

Hannah Jorgensen
About the author: Hannah works customer support, is the proud recipient of an English degree, and is learning to code with Bitsbox.
Join thousands of grownups who get articles on teaching kids to love coding.
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