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Why Bitsbox works for homeschoolers

Why Bitsbox works for homeschoolers

Bitsbox is the ideal computer science (CS) curriculum for any homeschool. Whether you're looking to harness an existing interest in STEM, or to build computer skills, Bitsbox is a great fit.

Plus, there are tons of excellent bonuses that other programs don't have! Here are 7 reasons that Bitsbox will work perfectly for your homeschool:

1. Kids can do Bitsbox independently

If you don't have any coding experience, your kids can excel with Bitsbox without you needing to guide them through every step. We make the instructions for kids, so they can sit down and get coding independently!

Marci at The Homeschool Scientist found this out for herself:

I was so surprised when my 11 year old son spent an entire afternoon building apps with Bitsbox! Within minutes of sitting down with the instructional cards, he had built his first app. It wasn't long after that he had learned to modify that app and build on additional functionality.

Every Bitsbox comes with a Grownup Guide to help you understand what kids are learning and reinforce those concepts, but kids will easily be able to get started all on their own!

2. Bitsbox is great for multiple children

You only need one Bitsbox subscription for the whole family! Coding accounts on Bitsbox are free, so each one of your kids can create their own coding account, and share the app projects.

Siblings can also partner code with Bitsbox: Both kids can plan out the code, and they can take turns typing and proofreading. Partner coding also allows younger kids who aren't quite ready for typing on their own to use Bitsbox with an older sibling.

3. The projects don't expire—you can use Bitsbox forever

Coding accounts don't expire, and your kids can use the app projects for as long as their hearts desire. From school year to school year your materials will still work, and your kids can revisit their apps whenever they would like. You can use it with one kid, and then years later bring it out when your next child is ready to use it!

4. Bitsbox is easy to store and organize

Every physical subscription comes with a nifty binder to keep all your cards in one place, and dividers so you know which projects belong together. Each binder also has a pocket in the front to hold the stickers and Grownup Guides too!

Bitsbox binder

You'll never have to worry about losing projects!

5. Kids practice reading and writing skills as they learn to code

Bitsbox teaches coding, but coding is so much more than just STEM education. With Bitsbox, kids read the code on the app projects, and then type it into the computer to create their games. Your coder will also hone their attention to detail skills, as a single typo will cause a bug that prevents the app from working. Proofreading and perseverance are important skills for coders, and have great applications to children's writing skills as well.

6. Bitsbox can be used offline, too

While Bitsbox does need an internet connection to run the apps, kids can plan their apps offline, which is perfect for traveling or other instances where you are unplugged.

With the challenge cards, kids aren't given the code, and therefore must create it themselves. They can plot how to approach the app construction of these based on other apps, or they can plan how to make an app from scratch.

Our binder also makes Bitsbox easily portable, so you can take Bitsbox from the breakfast table, to the car, to recess, and back again.

7. We offer support 7 days a week

Our help team is available 7 days a week to answer any questions you might have about getting started, how it works, or finding a pesky bug in your code. Email us at or give us a call at 720-476-4030!

Hannah Jorgensen
About the author: Hannah works customer support, is the proud recipient of an English degree, and is learning to code with Bitsbox.
Join thousands of grownups who get articles on teaching kids to love coding.
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