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Why isn't my student learning coding in school?

Student not learning coding in school

If your kid is learning to code in school, then congratulations! You're part of a growing number of classrooms looking to implement computer science skills as part of a curriculum. As a 2018 report found, 22 states now have computer science standards, which allows for all kids to learn in a regulated way the skills they need to pursue computer science or other areas of study in the future.

If your school doesn't have a computer science class yet, you're probably wondering why your kids are missing out on all the benefits. And the answer to why your student isn't learning coding in school is a little complicated.

Why isn't coding in all schools?

A major reason many school districts are unable to offer computer science (CS) education is a lack of teachers in the subject. Right now, there is a deficit of computer science graduates: 58% of all new jobs in STEM are in computer science but only 10% of graduating STEM majors are getting CS degrees. Those who do graduate with computer science degrees are filling the many CS positions out there. Very few CS graduates are becoming teachers—presumably because CS jobs pay significantly more than teaching jobs.

Furthermore, many teachers already in classrooms haven't coded before or don't have a computer science background. This, coupled with the fact that only 19 states have dedicated funding for computer science professional development makes it hard for teachers who haven't taught the subject before to begin teaching it.

Casual crash courses are less expensive than comprehensive training programs so they are offered more often. But this lack of funding leads to courses that don't provide the time and support necessary for effective training, making it hard for teachers who are excited about implementing coding to get the background they need for the classroom.

How can I ensure that my kids learn to code?

If your school doesn't have coding in the classroom yet, there are a plethora of products out there, including Bitsbox, that can help your kid get a head start with the skills they need from your home. The great news? Parents don't need to know anything about coding in order for your kids to use Bitsbox!

You can also write a letter to your kids' teacher or school to implement computer science in the curriculum so that everyone can have access to this important skill.

We want everyone, regardless of the limitations at the governmental and state levels, to be able to take advantage of the benefits computer science offers students of all ages.

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Hannah Jorgensen
About the author: Hannah works customer support, is the proud recipient of an English degree, and is learning to code with Bitsbox.
Join thousands of grownups who get articles on teaching kids to love coding.
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